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Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

By November 17, 2022No Comments

The hustle, bustle, and excitement of holiday celebrations are full of fun and enjoyment, but they can also be a source of stress, anxiety, and unhealthy choices, and this is especially true for your pets. Suddenly they are surrounded by alarming sights, sounds, shapes, and smells, strange people and children are invading their territory, trying to pet them and tempting them with intriguing treats, and their daily routines are completely disrupted. It can be a fun and exciting time for them too, but also a bit overwhelming and stressful, and filled with potential health hazards. Follow these pet holiday safety tips to ensure they stay happy and healthy during the festivities.

4 Essential Pet Holiday Safety Tips

  • Mind the decorations.
    • Bright, shiny, twinkling decorations are a magnet for curious pets, and also a danger. Make sure your Christmas tree is securely anchored so it won’t tip over, and consider foregoing the tinsel. Cats and dogs are both inclined to chew on plastic tinsel, and swallowing it can lead to a blocked digestive tract and serious problems. Holly, mistletoe, lilies, and even artificial plants can be dangerous for pets to ingest. Electrical wires and open candles present fire and electrocution hazards if not secured safely.
  • Food dangers.
    • Many holiday foods that are fine for humans can be unhealthy or even fatal to animals. Ask your guests not to feed your pets tidbits at the table, and consider putting them in another room during dinner. If you feed your pets leftover scraps, remember that small bones can splinter and be choking hazards, and other types of foods can also be unhealthy. Candy and chocolates should be kept out of reach of cats and dogs, as should alcoholic beverages. Offer your pets their own special pet treats to keep them satisfied.
  • Travel with pets.
    • If you’re planning on traveling for the holidays, carefully consider whether it’s a good idea to take your pets along. Any form of transportation can be stressful and disorienting for animals, especially air travel. Many pets don’t do well in cars of course, and being confined in small spaces can be extremely unpleasant. If they do go with you, make sure they have a good collar and ID tags in case they get lost. If you decide to leave them at home, choose a trustworthy sitter or boarding service with good reviews.
  • Preparing for guests.
    • Tell your visitors ahead of time that you have pets and remind them at the door, and let them know how best to interact with them. If your pets are especially nervous around guests, prepare a safe, quiet room for them to stay in with treats and water during the party.
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