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The Importance and Benefits of Pet Health and Wellness

By October 1, 2022No Comments

At the Happy Pets Animal Hospital, we believe that animal health care should be much more than just treating injury and illness when it arises. It should focus on effective preventative care that protects and enhances the health and vitality of your pet at every stage of its life. That’s why we practice a veterinary approach known as pet wellness care. It involves the nurturing of the whole body and mind of your pet to promote well-being and prevent disease and illness before they occur and cause harm. It includes an emphasis on good nutrition and a healthy diet and a lifestyle designed to keep your pet active and vigorous throughout their life. We’ll work with you to devise a pet wellness program customized for your pet based on age, breed, and physical condition.

Elements Of Pet Wellness Care

An effective wellness program includes several preventative measures, each working together to promote good health and to discover the early symptoms of injury, disease, and defects so that appropriate treatment can be administered before serious harm is done.

  • Annual Wellness Exams – Your pet should have both physical and dental exams performed at least annually to monitor their overall health and condition at each stage of their life, youth, adulthood, and old age.
  • Diagnostic Testing – Early detection of disease and disorders is a keystone of preventative health care. We can test blood, fecal, and urine samples to uncover many issues including early kidney and pancreas disease, thyroid problems, heartworm, and tick disease. We have a fully equipped diagnostic lab to provide very accurate results.
  • Vaccinations – Having your pet protected against common diseases through vaccination is very important for overall pet wellness.
  • Parasite Control – Internal and external parasites are common in pets. They can harm your pet’s health and make them miserable. Luckily, they are very easy to control once detected.
  • Spay And Neuter – Having your pet spayed or neutered provides many health benefits, including reducing or eliminating the risk of cancer and other reproductive organ diseases, as well as preventing unwanted litters.

Other important elements of pet wellness care include nutritional assessment and diet planning, as well as weight management. Your veterinarian will help you create a home program to keep your pet in top physical condition.

If you’d like to learn more about preventative health care at the Happy Pets Animal Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas, simply fill out our online form and we’ll get you scheduled for an appointment.